Transportation Alternatives’ Crash Stat Map

Transportation Alternatives has launched a new and improved version of their Crash Stat Map that now uses Google maps and includes data from 2004 and 2005. The location of accidents and fatalities involving bicycles are mapped city wide making this a useful tool for finding streets and intersections to avoid and/or be extra cautious when using.

Transportation Alternatives’ Crash Stat Map

10 Most Dangerous Intersection in New York City based on Number of Bicycle Crashes

Rank Intersection Crashes
1 Bowery & W Houston St 29
2 Broadway & Union sq W 29
3 E 23rd St & Park Ave Southbound 24
4 W 23rd St & Avenue of the Americas 24
5 5th Ave & W 34th St 24
6 Adams St & Tillary St 24
7 Essex St & Delancey St 24
8 W 96th St & Broadway Southbound 24
9 1st Ave E & Houston St 22
10 E 125th St & Lexington Ave 21

From When Transportation Alternatives launched in 2004, it immediately became an indispensable resource for advocates, neighborhood groups and healthcare professionals in their fights for safer streets. For the first time, all New Yorkers had a way to see pedestrian and cyclist crashes in every neighborhood, enabling them to back up their first-hand experience of dangerous streets with comprehensive hard data. is still the go to source for street safety information.

Crashstat 2.0 is an updated and improved version of that ground breaking site. Journalists, planners, politicians and New Yorkers from every walk of life will once again have access to NYC’s most up to date street safety resource.