North and South County Trailways Bike Map

Westchester County, New York City’s neighbor to the North, is home to the North County & South County trailways. These Westchester trails are part of an ambitious rails-to-trails project that connect Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx to Putnam County Trailway via a scenic car-free bike path through Westchester County.

The 14.1 mile South County Trailway heads North at the Bronx’s Van Cortlandt Park connecting to the 22.1 North County Trailway near Eastview in the Town of Mt. Pleasant. The North County Trailway connects to the 7.5 mile Putnam County Trailway in Baldwin Place in Somers. The three trails provide a 43.7 mile ride.

The trails are also accessible from Metro North stations:

  • North end of the trail: Brewster station in Putnam county
  • South end of the trail: Van Cortland Park can be accessed via the NYC subway on either the 1 or 4
  • Closest to trail: Pleasantville station is only a mile from the North County Trailway

Points of interest and more info:

LEGEND: Trail car free and paved Trail on road shoulder Trail unpaved On-Street with traffic Trail Access Point Metro North Train Station Metro North Train Station