New Amsterdam Bicycle Show 2011

The New Amsterdam Bicycle Show was held April 30th and featured a variety of New York bike shops and bike makers, amongst other loosely bike related vendors.

New Amsterdam Bike Show (official site)

About The New Amsterdam Bicycle Show
The first bike show in New York City was in Brooklyn in 1897, and 114 years later, we’re bringing the bicycle show back! New York Press, Manhattan Media’s lifestyle publication for the city’s young trendsetters, and Transportation Alternatives announce The New Amsterdam Bicycle Show: Benefiting Transportation Alternatives. This show promises to dazzle attendees as much as The New York International Auto Show, which will end the same weekend that the bicycle show begins. This pivotal event will take place April 30, 2011, at Chelsea’s new cultural venue Center 548, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and will kick off Bike Month NYC 2011.