Getting Around the 5 Boro Bike Tour

2017 Update: The Five Boro Bike Tour will be Sunday, May 7th, 2017 and here is the info you need to avoid it.

The 5 Boro Bike Tour is great to participate in, but can make getting around the New York City a challenge for everyone not participating, including cyclists, pedestrians and drivers. If you are not one of the 30,000+ cyclists riding the 42 mile route on streets of all 5 Boros, here is some helpful info on getting around the 5 Boro Bike Tour, including a map, road closures and links.
For anyone inconvenienced by this recreational event, please be patient and if possible appreciate that this event allows families and kids to enjoy streets usually clogged with traffic.

The below streets will be closed Sunday from 7:30am to 5:30pm on Sunday, May 7th, 2017 for FIVE BORO BIKE TOUR (route and traffic map at bottom of page)
Manhattan Portion

  • Whitehall Street between South Street and Water Street
  • State Street between Whitehall Street and Battery Place
  • Battery Place between State Street and Greenwich Street
  • Greenwich Street between Battery Park and Trinity Place
  • Trinity Place between Greenwich Street and Cedar Street
  • Church Street between Cedar Street and Walker Street
  • White Street between 6th Avenue and Franklin Place
  • 6th Avenue between Franklin Street and West 59th Street
  • West 59th Street between 6th Avenue and 5th Avenue / Alternate Route
  • Grand Army Plaza between West 59th Street and East Drive / Alternate Route
  • East Drive between Grand Army Plaza and Center Drive (inside Central Park) / Alternate Route
  • Center Drive between 5th Avenue and East Drive
  • East Drive between Center Drive and Adam Clayton Powell Jr.  Boulevard
  • Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard, between West 110th Street and West 135th Street
  • East / West 135th Street, between Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard and Madison Avenue
  • Madison Avenue between East 135th Street and East 138th Street
  • Madison Avenue Bridge (Manhattan to Bronx)

Bronx Portion

  • 138th Street between Madison Avenue Bridge and 3rd Avenue
  • 3rd Avenue between 138th Street and 3rd Avenue Bridge
  • 137th Street between Rider Avenue and 3rd Avenue
  • Rider Avenue between 138th Street and 137th Street
  • 3rd Avenue Bridge (Bronx to Manhattan)

Manhattan Portion

  • HRD/FDR Drive (South bound) between 3rd Avenue Bridge and East 116th Street
  • East 116th Street between FDR Drive and Pleasant Avenue
  • Pleasant Avenue between 116th Street and 114th Street
  • Harlem River Drive/ FDR Drive (South bound) between 116th Street and 63rd Street Exit
  • East 63rd Street between FDR Drive (South bound) and Queensboro Bridge Exit
  • Queensboro Bridge Exit between East 63rd Street and East 60th Street
  • Queensboro Bridge (West Bound Lanes from Manhattan to Queens)

Queens Portion

  • 21st Street between Queens Plaza South and Hoyt Avenue North
  • Queens Plaza South between 21st Street and Vernon Boulevard / Alternate Route
  • Hoyt Avenue North between 21st Street and 19th Street
  • 19th Street between Hoyt Avenue North and Ditmars Boulevard
  • Ditmars Boulevard between 19th Street and Shore Boulevard
  • Shore Boulevard between Ditmars Boulevard and Astoria Park South
  • Astoria Park South between Shore Boulevard and14th Street 7
  • 14th Street between Astoria Park South and 31st Avenue
  • 31st Avenue between 14th Street and Vernon Boulevard
  • Vernon Boulevard between 31st Avenue and 44th Drive
  • 44th Drive between Vernon Boulevard and 11th Street
  • 11th Street between 44th Drive and Pulaski Bridge
  • Pulaski Bridge (South Bound from Queens to Brooklyn) Alternate Route

Brooklyn Portion

  • McGuiness Boulevard between Pulaski Bridge and Greenpoint Avenue
  • Java Street between McGuinness Boulevard and Franklin Street / Alternate Route
  • Greenpoint Avenue between McGuinness Boulevard and Franklin Street
  • Franklin Street between Greenpoint Avenue and Kent Avenue
  • Kent Avenue between Java Street and Williamsburg Street West
  • Williamsburg Street West between Kent Avenue and Flushing avenue
  • Flushing Avenue between Williamsburg Street West and Navy Street
  • North Elliot Place between Flushing Avenue and Park Avenue
  • Navy Street between Flushing Avenue and York Street
  • York Street between Navy Street and Gold Street
  • Gold Street between York Street and Front Street
  • Front Street between Gold Street and Old Fulton Street
  • Old Fulton Street between Gold Street and Furman Street
  • Furman Street between Old Fulton Street and Atlantic Avenue
  • Joralemon Street between Furman Street and Atlantic Avenue
  • Atlantic Avenue between Furman Street and Columbia Street
  • Columbia Street between Atlantic Avenue and BQE West Entrance Columbia Street
  • BQE/ Gowanus Expressway between BQE West Entrance Columbia Street and Verrazano
  • Verrazano Bridge Lower Level (South bound from Brooklyn to StatenIsland)

Staten Island Portion

  • Bay Street between New York Avenue and Hylan Boulevard
  • Hylan Boulevard between Bay Street and Edgewater Street
  • Edgewater Street becomes Front Street
  • Hannah Street between Front Street and Bay Street
  • Bay Street between Hannah Street and Richmond Terrace