North and South County Trailways Bike Map

Westchester County, New York City’s neighbor to the North, is home to the North County & South County trailways. These Westchester trails are part of an ambitious rails-to-trails project that will eventually connect Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx to Putnam County Trailway via a scenic car-free bike path through Westchester County. More than 40 miles have already been completed & are ready for riding.

There is on-going construction along the South County Trailway and detours are sometimes required, but it is possible to ride from the Bronx to Carmel in Putnam County with only a minimal amount of on-street cycling.

To skip the city miles getting there, you can take Metro North to the trail.

  • North end of the trail: Brewster station in Putnam county
  • South end of the trail: Van Cortland Park can be accessed via the NYC subway on either the 1 or 4
  • Closest to trail: Pleasantville station is only a mile from the North County Trailway

LEGEND: Trail car free and paved Trail on road shoulder Trail unpaved On-Street with traffic Trail Access Point Metro North Train Station Metro North Train Station